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Company Overview
Diocesan Publications, Inc. has specialized in printing quality weekly bulletins for Catholic Churches throughout the United States for over 60 years. Founded in Grand Rapids, Michigan, we remain a family-owned business. We also have offices in Austin, Texas, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Columbus, Ohio and Orlando, Florida. Diocesan Publications currently works with over 1,500 parishes throughout the United States. Diocesan Publications' philosophy is founded upon creating mutually beneficial relationships with each of our parish clients and their advertising community. At the core is our belief in personal and professional service. Our services are created to simplify parish administration and communication with parishioners. Utilizing the latest computer hardware and software, Diocesan Publications produces professional looking bulletins to deliver parish messages in the best format. Free customer support and free on-site training is also provided. In addition to weekly bulletin services, Diocesan Publications also provides services to supplement parish communication efforts. These services include:

INSERTS: In addition to printing your weekly bulletin, Diocesan Publications can usually print special flyers for your parish. Insert information can be forwarded to Diocesan Publications along with your parish's weekly bulletin information.

NEWSLETTERS: Diocesan Publications can work with your parish to provide a customized newsletter to communicate with your parish community. Newsletters can be general parish information or can be targeted to special ministries within the parish, such as liturgical or parish education. Typically generated on a quarterly basis, the four or eight-page formatted newsletter resembles the weekly bulletin. Front cover & back cover of newsletters are available in full color.

GRAPHICS/CUTS: To add visual excitement to the parish bulletin or newsletter, Diocesan Publications provides each church a yearly graphics package containing more than 2,500 pieces of traditional, religious-themed clip art for all occasions. Graphics packages are provided by Diocesan Publications at no cost to parish clients. Diocesan Publications can also accept digital photographs to help capture those special moments and bring life to the weekly bulletin or newsletter. There is no limit on the quantity of graphics or photographs printed in black and white that can be used inside or on the front cover of the bulletin or newsletter.

LITURGICAL AND SPECIAL COVERS, C.O.D.® (COVERS ON DEMAND): We have many covers available for use based on all of the major religious and secular holidays. In addition, with new innovations and technologies in our production and press departments, you can send a changing color cover each week. Learn more about C.O.D.® - Covers On Demand.

WEB DESIGN/HOSTING SERVICES: We recognize the importance of communicating with your parishioners and reaching out to others in the community who are seeking out Catholicism via the Internet. This is why we have assembled a team of professional web designers, graphic artists and programmers to help our parishes spread their message through professional, attractive, and effective websites.

We also know the needs of each parish are different and our staff will work with you to determine the best course of action to meet your goals. From consulting, to graphic design, to a complete overhaul of an existing or brand new website, we can do it.

BOOKLETS/DIRECTORIES: The Parish Guide may be used as a welcome booklet, a stewardship program overview or as a directory of ministries and organizations. The booklet is designed to support new parishioners, RCIA candidates and other stewardship initiatives as a customized package detailing pertinent information on parish programs, reference telephone numbers, mission statements and other ministries. Parish Directories are also available, listing the name, address and phone number of active parish members. These directories provide a convenient way of contacting parishioners. The directories often have a section of parish history and/or an explanation of each of the parish ministries in which parishioners may become active.

WELCOME PACKETS: As an alternative to the Parish Guide (Stewardship Booklets) the Welcome Packet is another service offered by Diocesan Publications to parish clients. Designed as a bi-fold folder, the Welcome Packet contains pertinent parish contact information, details on parish programs, reference telephone numbers, and ministry and educational program offerings for new parishioners. The Welcome Packet cover and content will be customized to meet the needs of your parish. Call your local Diocesan office to set up time frames.

HARDBOUND BOOKS: Provided free of charge as part of our service, Diocesan Publications furnishes the church with an annual record of your parish's weekly bulletins in a hardbound book.

Call Diocesan Publications today at 1.800.292.9111 and ask for the sales manager, Andy Gillhouse, for more information on our services.

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