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Ad Copy Specifications

The following are some guidelines we have put together to help us maintain a level of quality right from the beginning. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and ask for the ad design department. We will be happy to help in any way possible.


Logos on business cards, letterhead, etc. are fine as long as they are "clean-looking" and printed in a dark ink on a light paper. The quality of faxed or photocopied sheets with logos on them is not acceptable and cannot be used in the ad.


A black and white photo or a color photo with a strong contrast between the subject and the background will suffice. We can scan any photo ranging in size from 1" x 2" to 8" x 10". Keep in mind, it is always better to scan something that is larger than the final piece since reducing in size maintains image quality while enlarging degrades it.

Preprinted photos, such as those on business cards or brochures, cannot be used.


  • All artwork must be printed out on a laser printer of at least 600 dpi and on high quality laser paper.
  • The quality of artwork printed on a dot-matrix or color inkjet printer is not good enough to scan and cannot be used.
  • Even though a piece of artwork may have a photo on it, we still need an original photo to scan or a high quality digital photo (see third bullet under PHOTOS).

E-Mail, Upload Or Files On Disk

Your photos, logos and even the entire ad layout can be submitted via email or be uploaded by using our ad copy upload form found here. If you are composing the entire ad layout yourself, please call our office at 616-878-5200 or 1-800-783-1623 for exact ad size measurements. We recommend submitting your ad copy via our Ad Copy Submission form for the quickest response.

Sending Ad Copy In The Mail

If you prefer to mail in your ad copy you can get our mailing address from our Contact Page.

You may also submit your digital files on the following media for PC: CD (w/session closed), 1.44MB Floppy Disk & 100MB ZIP Disk. Please include your name/company on the disk & if you would like the disk returned. Also please write the file formats you are submitting either on the disk or an included note.

The following is a list of programs and file formats that we support along with their individual requirements to print:

  • Adobe Acrobat - PDF: Please make sure that there is no security turned on, there is no compression or downsampling on the images & that all the fonts are embedded.
  • Adobe Illustrator: AI, .EPS or .PDF - Up to version 10 - please make sure any text is converted to outlines.
  • Microsoft Word/Microsoft Publisher: .DOC or .PUB. Up to the XP version - we will only accept a "text only" ad. Please include any photos or other images that you would like in the ad separately in one of the other listed formats or the originals to be scanned.
  • Image/Photo: .JPEG, .JPG, .EPS, .TIFF, .TIF, .PSD - Files from various programs - all images and photos should be Black & White(bitmap), Grayscale, or RGB or CYMK Color at 300dpi resolution. JPEG's should be saved at the highest quality. Ensure that scans are at or larger than final printed size.
  • InDesign CS 2: Use the "Package" feature under the file menu to ensure that you send us the fonts and images needed to print your ad.
  • PageMaker 7: Use the "Save for Service Provider" feature under the Utilities > Plugins menu to ensure that you send us the fonts and images needed to print your ad.
  • CorelDraw 10: Please either include all fonts or convert them to curves.
  • Quark Xpress 5: use the "Collect for Output" feature under the file menu to ensure that you send us the fonts and images needed to print your ad.

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