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With our state of the art bulletin tracking system, you can see where your bulletin is at from the time you submit it to the time it appears at your doorstep.

Tracking your bulletin is as simple as clicking the “Bulletin Tracker” button on the member dashboard.

At that point our system located your file in our building and will tell you exactly where it is.


The bulletin tracker is all about confidence in knowing where your bulletin is at all times.

Bulletin Tracker ImageFind an error in your bulletin and want to catch it before it is printed? No problem. The bulletin tracker will show you where it is as in the production process and if it has been shipped or not.

Tracking Number

We don’t stop tracking once your bulletin leaves our building.

When your bulletin has shipped our sytem will notify you by email when it was shipped and include the tracking number for you.

In addition to the email notifications, all tracking information can be located online through the bulletin tracking sytem.

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